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President's Message May 2012

What a busy spring! I was a privileged to present certificates to new lineage society members at the OGS annual conference in Cleveland in April. Congratulations to everyone who honored their ancestors this year. Lineage society chairs: Miriam Fetters, First Families; Cheryl Abernathy, Settlers & Builders; Brent Morgan, Civil War Families; and Margaret Cheney, Century Families are to be commended. The time and dedication they have put into their work is very much appreciated. Miriam is resigning as FFO chair and Margaret Cheney has chosen to move into that chairmanship. We have selected Marleen Applegate of Ashland County to replace Margaret as Century Families Chair. Welcome to the team, Marleen.

Attendance was lower than usual at our conference, but we were competing against the Ohio DAR conference that weekend and the NGS conference about three weeks later. A great many of our members are also involved in those organizations and had tough choices to make. Our next conference is scheduled for April 25-27, 2013, at the Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati. Please mark your calendars now and join us in Cincinnati for another great event.

OGS and the Hamilton County Chapter were local co-hosts of the National Genealogical Society Conference in May in Cincinnati. Kenny Burke, past OGS vice president and current OGS Chapter Management Chair, was chair for both organizations and did a great job working out the details with NGS chairs and making arrangements for the local events, such as the bus tour to the Freedom Center and the tour and dinner at the Cincinnati Historical Museum .OGS Trustee, Patricia VanSkaik was the presenter at the opening session and did a marvelous job talking about the history of the 1848 Cincinnati Panorama. It was a fascinating trip into the minute details of the daguerotype and life in Cincinnati over 160 years ago. I felt as if I were there watching Cincinnati from the Kentucky shore of the Ohio River with binoculars. Thanks so much, Kenny, Patricia, and all of the local volunteers who participated in making this a successful event.

On April 2, the 1940 census was released. Several people gathered at OGS to explore what the census could tell us about our ancestors on this special day for genealogists. We enjoyed sharing search tips and finding some relatives, even if we couldn’t get through to find them all on that day. OGS is one of the organizations dedicated to getting an index prepared for this census. You can sign up through Margaret Cheney by e-mailing her at margcheney@aol.com.

The United States Daughters of 1812 are remembering the beginning of the War of 1812 with a “Ring the Bells for 1812" campaign. They are looking for volunteers in each county to help co-ordinate the June 18 event. Since there are not 1812 chapters in every Ohio county, I believe that OGS chapters can help with this initiative. Please contact me at Sunda1960@yahoo.com if you want to help in your county or residence or interest. The Ohio War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission will be sending a 15 star flag, The Star Spangled Banner, to every county’s commissioners to be raised on June 18. Churches throughout the state are encouraged to ring their bells at noon that day to honor veterans of that war. See http://warof1812.ohio.gov/ for other information about Ohio’s activities and speakers for your chapter events. 

The world of genealogical research is constantly changing. OGS will be making some changes of its own. Beginning in January 2013 our publications will change. Please read the article in this magazine regarding the details and watch our website for additional data in the members only section.

Thank you for joining us on this most remarkable genealogical journey. We appreciate your support.

Sunda Anderson Peters