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Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal


Susan Dunlap Lee and Dan Reigle, Editors

Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal is published quarterly.

Click on the cover at left to view a sample issue (2MB, pdf)

OGS Publications Merger

Good news! No more separate publications to buy! Beginning in 2013, Ohio Records and Pioneer Families (ORPF) and Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal (OCWGJ) will be merging with OGS Quarterly. Learn more...


A subscription to Ohio Civil War Genealogy Journal is only $20 for OGS members and $25 for non-members. Subscriptions outside the United States are an additional $10.Your subscription includes the printed journal publication and access to the Ohio Civil War Genealogy Center portion of the OGS website. You may subscribe online on the OGS Membership page.

Any concerns about your OCWGJ subscription, such as changing your address or lost/missing issues, should be directed to ogs@ogs.org.

Ask the Experts

OCWGJ subscribers and OGS members are invited to submit brief questions about Ohio-related Civil War research on individuals, military units, or other aspects of Ohio's involvement. All questions will be submitted to our panel of experts for their answers, suggestions and perspectives.

When submitting a question, be certain to include a specific question (such as death date, cemetery location, how to locate a pension file, etc.) Also include what you already know about the the question (names of key parties, dates and locations, etc.) and what sources you have already checked.

Send your questions to ocwgj-experts@ogs.org or mail OGS, 611 State Route 97 West, Bellville OH 44813-8813.

Article Submissions

OCWGJ welcomes manuscripts, including pictures, of previously unpublished Ohio-related Civil War material for publication. Manuscripts should be computer generated, if possible, using Word, WordPerfect or compatible program. A brief background about the material should be included containing information on the location of the original, the date range of the material, the Ohio connection, the contributor's connection to the material and the contributor's name and address. If photocopies of original documents are submitted, they must be easy to read or a typed transcript must be included for clarity and accuracy. Please include your email address and/or telephone number in case the Editor has questions. A letter must accompany the manuscript giving OCWGJ permission to publish.

The types of material requested for publication in OCWGJ include letters, diaries, newspaper extracts or abstracts, military pension records, cemetery records, county military related records, unit records, unit histories, unit lists of battle, military organization records, reunion records, and other Civil War related material. OCWGJ also welcomes manuscripts on finding Civil War records, interpreting Civil War records, techniques for solving Civil War related problems, and biographies of Civl War soldiers and their families with Ohio connections.


OCWGJ accepts advertisements from individuals, organizations or companies for services or products of a genealogical/historical nature, and should conform to the standards and objectives of The Ohio Genealogical Society. OGS assumes no responsibility for the products or services advertised, and reserves the right to refuse unsuitable material.

All advertisements must be camera-ready, black and white, and conform to the sizes below.

Size Dimensions Cost
1/10 Page 2" x 3.5" $12
1/8 Page 2.375" x 3.5" $15
1/4 Page 4.75" x 3.5" $30
1/2 Page 4.75" x 7" $60
3/4 Page 7" x 7" $90
Full Page 9.5" x 7" $120

In OCWGJ Issue 4 for 2012, the Final Stand-alone Issue of OCWGJ:

  • John Henry Waite & Daniel Linder, 96th OH at Vicksburg, by Bert K. Waits, JD Linder, Pat Miller, & Bonnie Nevel
  • Walter Tuller, 5th OVC, by Robert W. Hatton
  • John C. Kipp, 74th OVI, by Mary Christine Berwanger
  • Ohioans in Minnesota GAR Death Rolls, 1908-1926, by Michelle Gatz
  • 91st Ohio at Cloyd’s Mountain WV, by Darrell Helton
  • Ask the Experts: Civil War Gravestones
  • Ask the Experts: Curtis H. Walker, 179th OVI
  • Ask the Experts: Charles Brobst, 49th OVI
  • Ask the Experts: Elias Cochrane, 8th Indpt Company, OHSS
  • Ask the Experts: Carlos Helmes, 59th Massachusetts
  • Ask the Experts: John Gass, 28th or 37th OVI
  • Ask the Experts: Adam Krug, Hamilton County Draft
  • Ask the Experts: Joseph & Theodore Risser, 120th OVI
  • Book Notice: 1883 Military Pensioners of Northwest Ohio, by Michael Elliott
  • 2012 OCWGJ Surname Index
  • OCWGJ Musters Out of Service: OGSQ, ORPF and OCWGJ 2013 Merger